Fast Fit, Body Pump, and Maybe, CrossFit?

Fast Fit: New school circuit training using total body integration and fusing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Pilates and Yoga. One of the most versatile programs that can be adapted to different people with different proficiencies.

Since I joined Celebrity Fitness last January, Fast Fit has been the only class that I consistently joined. The Fast Fit class simply match my goal to train my core muscle, improve overall body stability and flexibility.

Plus, the class never get boring. Each week, we have a different sets of move from previous week. Each move has its own station. During the entire session, we will take turn at each of the station, performing reps that will train the strength and coordination of  core muscle, biceps, triceps, glutes, hamstring, back, and all other muscle in the body.

If you are curious, the video below will give some insight on typical Fast Fit class. Beware that, after my first session, I can hardly wake up in the morning due to sore muscle.

Last week, after 2 months of doing Fast Fit, I joined Les Mills Body Pump class. Different with Fast Fit, Body Pump train muscle group in isolation. I see the class as the fastest way to build your strength, and combined with Fast Fit, will improve your overall stability and physical fitness.

Now, after Fast Fit and Body Pump, should I join the ultimate fitness challenge, the CrossFit? I’m intrigued, especially since CrossFit website offers all of the instruction video for you to do at home. So far the challenge for me is the time of CrossFit class in Jakarta, which is 6am in Friday morning at the downtown Jakarta.

So, only time will tell, whether I will join Cross Fit or not…..

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