Taking a break from Jakarta Commuter Line

From Commuter Line to Driving: What do I Miss in my Commute?

Recently, I moved to another office, which is closer to my home. It also happen that my new office is not conveniently located near Jakarta’s Commuter Line train station. Rough calculation shows that my total commute time by train would be longer than driving my car. So, I decided to switch from Commuter Line to driving my car.

It has been almost a week since I drive. And these are few things that I miss from my commute with Commuter Line:

  1. The free time to read or focusing on my podcast. Naturally, it would be impossible to read my kindle while driving. While I still can play podcast through my car audio, I still need to split my attention to the road and listening to podcast. When taking Commuter Line I don’t need to focus to the road ahead. I just need to make sure that I didn’t miss my stop.
  2. The exercise. I used to ride my bicycle from home to Sudimara train station. The ride out and back at night would give me a good 30 minutes exercise daily. During my marathon training, I even run to Sudimara, some 5.4km from home.
  3. Cheaper commute. The bike ride didn’t cost any fuel, and maintenance is minimal. Bike parking is 6000 per day. Train ticket is ridiculously cheap, at 2000 one way for a total of 4000 per day (thanks for the subsidy). My motorcycle fuel is around 80.000 per month. Motorcycle parking is 100.000 per month at Palmerah Station, and average 8000 per day at office. My total commute cost was 540.000 per month. That won’t even cover half of my monthly car fuel.

I’m still exploring some more option to make my commute less boring and more enjoyable. At the moment, I’m exploring the possibility of doing bike to work. Once I cleared few logistic issue, I might be able to give it a try, hopefully next week or so. Until then, I guess I’m going to be stuck in the traffic jam for some time.

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