Health Turnaround

Here is my blood measurement statistic this morning:

  • Glucose Level: 123 mg/dL. Normal range: 80 mg/dL<Blood Glucose Level<100 mg/dL
  • Total Cholesterol: 262. Normal range: < 200 mg/dL
  • Uric Acid: 8.1. Normal range: < 7.0 mg/dL

Add to the result: I was running half marathon 20 minutes slower in Jakarta Marathon held 26 October 2014. It is not because I have been slacking on my training. I have been training for a full Marathon in Penang Bridge Marathon on 16 November 2014, where we will run on new Penang Bridge. But somehow, my body is not responding to the training. This fact make me feel that I’m not going to the starting line of Penang Bridge Marathon next month.

Jakarta Marathon 2014 Certificate
My Jakarta Marathon 2014. Finishing a Half Marathon at 3:05:36 (Gun Time) is nothing to be proud of.

So, when my traditional training not only stop making improvement, but reverse to become worse, something need to be done.

First, I need to look into my food. I have to admit, for the first six months of 2014, I have been abusing myself on training, and more often, food. During a very busy time of project, I have spent 16 hours in office. Most of the time, we ordered pizza, fried chicken, and many other fast food that provide delivery service. Then of course, some midnight snacking and coffee only add more load to my body.

I have been reading some books about ultra runners, like Scott Jurek and Rich Roll. Rich Roll has done a great transformation near his 40th birthday, eating only vegetable food, and start to train. So, if he can do it, I think it is worth to try as well. I might become vegetarian, maybe, but that is not my goal. My goal is to find the right fuel for my other goals below.

Second, building up my upper body, particularly my core muscle. One morning, I feel that my upper body muscle is not as firm as it used to be. Probably this is what causing my less than optimal performance, or even contribute to higher blood glucose level. I’ve been losing muscle on my upper body.

My goals is not to be a body builder. In fact, I was told by doctor a couple years back that, based on my EKG, I should stop doing weight training. My goals, is to regain the lost muscle, lower my blood glucose level, and improve my running. I’m planning on registering to a gym next year for this.

Third, if I can achieve both goals, I want to compete in running race, cycling race, or triathlon. So far I have only participate, to run, to beat my previous time, but not training to earn prize from a race. My promise to myself is that, Penang Bridge Marathon will be my last full marathon until I can achieve sub-2 hour Half Marathon.

I probably won’t get rich from sports. But, consider it as achievement, a successful turnaround for my health. Stay tuned!

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