Is There Any Limit on Human’s Endurance?

The feat of human endurance always amaze me. In fact, a month ago, I just finished a 100 km bicycle ride to Anyer Beach, an endurance feat by myself, for myself. Driving a car to Anyer is already tiring. To complete the trip using your own muscle power was beyond my imagination, until last month.

But this post is not about my cycling trip to Anyer. This morning, I played a podcast of Rich Roll, who this time talks with James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence. James soon will start another test of human endurance, by performing 50 ultra distance triathlon, in 50 consecutive days, at 50 US states.

If it didn’t impress you, an ultra distance triathlon consist of 3.5 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km run. Multiply that by 50. Add the traveling time in between. I hope you are still with me.

Talking about ultra distance triathlon, I always have a desire to race and finish one. The problem with me is to find the time to train for the event, being a father of 1, and full time employee at one of big corporation. And James somehow find a way to train, and being present to his 5 kids.

Well, I hope he shared his secret in the podcast. Meanwhile, check the video below for a preview of James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence’s 50-50-50

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