January 2015 Recap

The first month of January has passed by. How time flies.

In this post, I would like to recap three things that I did in January to improve my personal wellness. Having done these small three things, I have feel improved energy level and focus. These improved energy level and focus has enable me to do more at work.

First, on food and clean eating. I have started the clean eating practice on November 2014, and had feel the result during my Penang Bridge Marathon. However, Christmas and New Year celebration has wreaked havoc to my clean eating practice. It is hard to eat clean when the cake and cookies were all over the house, and dinner invitations were coming each weeks.

So, in January, I have been resuming the clean eating practice. For most of the time in January, I have been eating food as close as its original form. I have been eating salads, potato and grilled chicken for most of my lunch and dinner. For snacks, I blend my own green smoothies, or having an apple. I’m not 100% there yet, maybe around 80%. Having a supermarket nearby helps a lot to get fresh food every day.

Fresh Salad
Fresh Vegetable Salad with selection of Dressing for lunch (and sometime, dinner)

Second, on training and exercise. On first week of January, I’m back to the gym. Since then, I have been in the gym on average 3 times a week. Each week, I join a class to improve my core muscle strength and stability. And for the rest of the week, it is either to take a shower after bike 2 work, or running on treadmill when the weather is not friendly.

Speaking of Bike 2 Work, I have been riding my bicycle twice in January. Each round trip is 38 km, so I have been riding for a total of 76 km. I’m looking forward to bike 2 work for at least once a week, if time permit.

Third, on writing. Writing has been, and still, a therapy to my spiritual wellness. I am doing several blogs, and finally able to write and post regularly to these blogs.

For this blog, Sunsetmood Jakarta, I will be posting at least once a week, on Thursday morning. The purpose is to post some idea for upcoming weekend, or to recap the week. I’m also going to post on Monday morning, which hopefully will motivate people for the week.

So, there is goes, the first month of 2015. I hope you also have a good January.

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