My Treadmill: The Road of Jakarta

I have been running since 2001, but only on 2011 I started to run outdoor, on the street of Jakarta. Why I started late to go out and run on the road of Jakarta is because of the obvious reason: How can someone run on a very polluted air like in Jakarta, and on the road that is lined up with pothole and full of motorcycle?

But, once I started, I never look back. These days, I can barely survive more than 20 minutes on treadmill, while on the road, I can run for hours. The road of Jakarta has become my gym.

So, can you really run and train on the air that is polluted as in Jakarta? The answer is yes! Many people do that. Some even participate in international event, such as Berlin Marathon, New York Marathon, or Ironman Triathlon.

And to tackle the road issue, do some advance planning. Start small, around your house, and familiarize yourself with the surrounding road. Which road is less crowded? Go into small road around the housing complex if possible. Even a road construction project can pose a nice concrete for running, as in the picture below.

This is my gym
From top left clockwise: A small path in a village near BSD. Road construction project with a concrete slab good enough for a run. A new paving for pedestrian. A small path lined up with Banana Tree

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