Bike 2 Work Emergency Kit

One night, tired after long day at the office, I’m on my bicycle for 5km back home. And suddenly halfway down, my left pedal gave way. It fall off from the hub. For 3 km, I only use my right pedal. Twenty minutes later, I arrived at home with a very sore right feet.

I consider myself lucky. It could be worse that a tire blew up. That will end up me pushing my bike to home. Or it can happen way further from home. Both scenario, if happen at night, will make my way home very miserable.

Learning from that lesson, I surf the net to build my ultimate bike survival kit. The one that is shown in the picture below is far from ideal. However, it has saved me from flat tire and other episodes of loose pedal.

Bike Tool Kit

From top left clockwise, here is my bike survival kit and the purpose of it:

  1. 15/16-Inch Combination Wrench. It is used to open my rear tire, which is not equipped with quick release yet.
  2. 15mm T-Wrench. It is for fastening loose pedal.
  3. Zefal Viteo Double Action Mini Bicycle Pump (Black). Used to pump air after fixing flat tire
  4. Tire Repair Patch Kit. It comes with 3 patch for small puncture, sandpaper for cleaning up puncture area, and tire release handle
  5. 26″ Inner Tube. It is just a regular inner tube that I bought for Rp. 50.000/$5 at local bike store.

There are still few thing missing here that I would like to add:

  1. Chain repair kit. Never know when the chain decide to give up

Anything else should I add? Or if you bike 2 work regularly, showcase your emergency kit in the comment below

My Typical Commuting Day

“Commuting in Jakarta is not about distance”, I said to a friend. “It is about traffic jam”
My home is not that far from office. Distance measured on Google Map is 23km. In a good day, driving to office took 2 hours in a good day! That means 10km per hour. In a bad day, the driving time can be over 3 hours.
To compare, the world record for half marathon (21.1k) are 58 minutes 23 seconds. Those Africans can run faster than I drive.
I refuse to spend over 4 hours on the road. Some argue that commuting with your own car is more comfortable. For me, even when there are driver to drive, being confined in a car for 4 hour is a torture.
So, this is my typical commuting day. It started with 5.5km cycling to Sudimara Train Station. The cycling took 15 minutes if I’m in a hurry, and the traffic is friendly, and maximum 20 minutes if I feel like cycling easy.
The waiting at Sudimara Train Station usually around 10 minutes. The good thing of not driving is I have more time to read the book on my kindle, or connect with friends in social media. No need to think on which way to take to avoid traffic jam. And there are real people to chat with, or interesting things happening that worth a picture.
The commuter train ride itself took 20 minutes from Sudimara to Palmerah train station. Most of the time it was so packed that it is so hard to move your hand. I stick with my kindle, or watching poor soul trapped in their car in the traffic jam outside.
From Palmerah Train station, I picked up my motorcycle in a nearby office building. I park my motorcycle overnight in the building to make it easier to commute within the downtown. Depends on the traffic, i can reach my destination in another 15-30 minutes
Total commuting time 65 – 80 minutes. Definitely much faster (and cheaper) than 2 hours driving from home. Plus some extra personal time to read book on Kindle.

The 100 km Month Project

The long 2 years project that I was working on is finally over on 30 June 2014. And with that, the long nights with pizza, burgers, and any junk food that provide delivery service that you can think of is also over. The junk food is doing a good job to increase my weight, and the long nights made me too tired to wake up and do morning run.

As July come, so does my Marathon this year. I’m going to participate in Penang Bridge Marathon on 16 November 2014, the world’s longest bridge marathon. My official Marathon training program will start on mid August. Preceding to the program, I need to build a base on my running. It is basically increasing the mileage of your run at easy pace, before starting the rigorous and killer tempo and interval training.

Overweight and Marathon. It is a good motivation to put up 100 km for the full month of July. Since I started running on 2001, I’ve never logged more than 90 km per month. My average weekly mileage is 20 km, which consist of 2 x 5 km on the weekdays plus 10 km weekend run. To complete 100 km in a month, I need to increase my weekly mileage to 25 km. Either I add another weekday run, or complete a longer weekend run.

And all the time, wishing that no long hour coming at the office, or weekend work that prevent me to run at the weekend.

But no time to think. The marathon is coming, and with it come the training. If I want to finish and enjoy the marathon, I need to train.

With a lot of wish, I welcome July, and the 100 km/month challenge

Race Report: Sundown Marathon 2013 – No Longer Marathon Virgin

It was long detour. After the 36km mark, the course lead us heading to Singapore Flyer. The water station that we pass has run out of paper cup, so we took turn to drink from plastic jug. The pain in my feet has creped up to my right knee. Due to my weak Achilles Tendon, my knee has to take up the load of the running since the last 8km, and now it starts to complain. Not want to risk serious injury and worst, not able to finish, I resorted to walk even more.

Passing km 39 mark, I feel water trickling from above. It has started to rain, early in the morning, making the weather colder. The rain made the road more slippery, slowing me down even more. It is hard to walk on a dry road with weak knee, let alone running. Fortunately, the rain didn’t last long. Going into km 40, the rain has completely gone.

The sky has turned from dark to blue by the time I passed 41 km mark. I glanced at my watch. I have been running for over 6 hour, which is my initial goal. If I can pick my pace a bit, I can still make it to the finish line of my first marathon under 7 hours, and hopefully still beating the sunrise. For the next 1 km, I got another second wind, something that long distance runner wish they can have and maintain. The pain in my knee disappear, or rather subdued by excitement.

Medals and Finisher T-Shirt. No longer Marathon Virgin

Then come the finish line, the mark that will end the 7 hour ordeal. In a few minutes I can call myself a marathon

er. I can go home and tick one item from my bucket list. At the same time, I concentrating to put one foot in front of the other, and smile as I pass the finish gate. Later I found out from the finish photo that it was a rather ugly smile on a tired face.

I glanced at my clock, 6:59:59. Somehow I made it under 7 hour. I put on the T-shirt that they give to everyone, then leave to hotel for a good shower and sleep. Written on the back of my T-Shirt: 42.195k Finisher.


Race Report: Sundown Marathon 2013 – No Man’s Land

After well over 3 hours, I crossed into my personal no man’s land. It the distance beyond 25k mark, my longest run prior to the marathon. Three months ago, I run my first 25k in the morning, and almost collapse in the evening due to low blood sugar while walking at a shopping mall. Can I survive another 17k, and not collapsing during or after the run few hours later?

I took another shoot of Gu Gel at the next water station, and gulp 2 glass of water. By this time, what was suppose to be a running race has become a walk race. Many people have resorted to walking. In fact, by alternating between walking and running, I passed few runners.

Closing to 32k mark, the pain is more and more unbearable. During my training, I train to land with my forefeet, but now it is become impossible. The Achilles Tendon on the back of my leg has become weak. What brings me up to this point is remarkable cheers from race marshals. In the middle of silence between the sea on the left and forest to the right, the words of encouragement has helped us to push forward. One of them even say: “I suppose that it is a running race. Why are you all walking?” I’m sure had this happen earlier in the race, that man will be thrown to the ocean.

The East Coast Park is officially end at somewhere around 33k mark. From here, Singapore Flyer that marks the finish line was visible towering the night sky. Having the finish line in front of me infuse some energy, so I picked up the pace a bit. But alas, this is not for long. The first detour was after 34k mark where we run along the river away from Singapore Flyer. For a moment I stopped and cursed. I snapped a picture of Singapore Flyer, out of boredom and pain, then push forward.

Singapore Flyer, from 34km Mark of Singapore Sundown Marathon 2013