Pondok Indah Run: It is Good to be Back

It has been more than 2 years since I last time run around Pondok Indah & Pondok Pinang housing complex. This area has been my routine running route between 2010-2012, due to its proximity to my office.

So, this evening, when I don my shoes and running shirt, I really look forward on what changes. My feet is still tired from yesterday’s gym session. “Just take it easy”, I told myself as I step out from Pondok Indah Office Tower. I have several running route around Pondok Indah, from 3 km to 7 km. Few hundred meters down the road, my leg feel better, so I took the turn for 7 km route.

There are only few things that change. Some of the houses are still adorable. Some of them is put on sale, and, given that I have the money, I would really love to buy one. Others are too classic, or to huge that I don’t want to buy it even if I have the money.

The dog, as 2 years ago, are still annoying. I put the habit to walk each time I see dog without leash. There are a dog at around 2.5 km running from the opposite direction, passing me, and start barking towards me behind my back. I took the time to recover my heart rate until the dog is out of sight.

There are still much trees along the route that help to shade from the hot evening air. The sky is clear today, even from pollution that the cloud can be easily visible. Some houses that was under construction is now completed.

But perhaps, the most noticeable changes in the skyline is the towering Pondok Indah Office Tower 3. The tallest among all building, it was still under construction back then. Today, the all-glass wall was glistening in the evening sun, reflecting bluish-orange sunset sky.

It was still bright when I finish my run, happy to be back to Pondok Indah.

See my run at Polar Personal Trainer, or download the gpx file here.

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