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My Typical Commuting Day

“Commuting in Jakarta is not about distance”, I said to a friend. “It is about traffic jam”
My home is not that far from office. Distance measured on Google Map is 23km. In a good day, driving to office took 2 hours in a good day! That means 10km per hour. In a bad day, the driving time can be over 3 hours.
To compare, the world record for half marathon (21.1k) are 58 minutes 23 seconds. Those Africans can run faster than I drive.
I refuse to spend over 4 hours on the road. Some argue that commuting with your own car is more comfortable. For me, even when there are driver to drive, being confined in a car for 4 hour is a torture.
So, this is my typical commuting day. It started with 5.5km cycling to Sudimara Train Station. The cycling took 15 minutes if I’m in a hurry, and the traffic is friendly, and maximum 20 minutes if I feel like cycling easy.
The waiting at Sudimara Train Station usually around 10 minutes. The good thing of not driving is I have more time to read the book on my kindle, or connect with friends in social media. No need to think on which way to take to avoid traffic jam. And there are real people to chat with, or interesting things happening that worth a picture.
The commuter train ride itself took 20 minutes from Sudimara to Palmerah train station. Most of the time it was so packed that it is so hard to move your hand. I stick with my kindle, or watching poor soul trapped in their car in the traffic jam outside.
From Palmerah Train station, I picked up my motorcycle in a nearby office building. I park my motorcycle overnight in the building to make it easier to commute within the downtown. Depends on the traffic, i can reach my destination in another 15-30 minutes
Total commuting time 65 – 80 minutes. Definitely much faster (and cheaper) than 2 hours driving from home. Plus some extra personal time to read book on Kindle.