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Running Resolution for 2015

After finishing my third Marathon at Penang Bridge in November 2014, i resolve not to run another marathon again in 2015. There are several reasons for that:
  1. Marathon training took too much commitment and time. Time is something of luxury in 2015, as so many things going to happen this year. From Grace starting her own business, to Ethan going to public school full time
  2. I want to improve my speed. I used to say that I will only run a marathon if I can finish sub 2 hours half marathon. I violate it three times. Now, I think it is time to improve my speed before starting another marathon training.

So, this is my running resolution this year. First: to finish 10k under 1 hour. This will be my first step to achieve sub 2 hours half marathon. I don’t think I need to run as much as training for a Marathon. But, I plan to include some upper body training to improve my speed, in addition in running. Look for me in the nearest gym.

Second, to run for charity. The early running race in Jakarta started as fund-raising for a cause. As more people started to run, many corporate see a running race as marketing event, and start sponsoring them. As time pass, more and more running event become a sponsored, and less event for fund-raising

I want to go back on how it all started. I will run for a cause, raising funds to help children education on the eastern part of Indonesia. Why education, you may ask? I can talk all day to answer that question, but bottom line is, I am already running a non profit organization to help education in east Indonesia. If you would like to know more, check out ribbonoflove.org.

That’s it. Stay healthy…..