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This is My Time

I used to wake up at the wee hour during my marathon training. During that days, I would drink few cups of water, munch a banana, don my running shoes, and be on the road when the sky is dark. Let me tell you that, watching the sky turn from dark to blue, then yellow as the sun rise, is an extraordinary experience. The sun rise never fail me.

I’m not training for another marathon, at least not this year. But I still set my alarm in the same wee hour, the same hour as when I was training for marathon. The video from Josh Spector below might explain why I still keep doing that.

That video is very nicely filmed, and full of messages that I can relate to. But, the main part that I relate the most these days, when not training for marathon is that, the early morning is my time.

But the early morning is my time. My wife asleep, my dog asleep, the usually noisy active city is dark and quiet

If you never wake up before dawn, try to do it once, around 4:30 in the morning. Feel how quiet your house it and how silent the city is. Living in a home in a crowded suburb, with a 3-year old son, the quiet time is a luxury. My mind feel fresh after 1-2 glass of water, and there are no emails and phone calls that need to be answered. This is my time. This is when I’m free to train for a marathon, without a guilty feeling of not being with my son, or talking to my wife, because they are still asleep.

And when I’m not training for marathon like these days, I’m using my time to write some blog post that I post here, and some of my other blogs.