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Teater Koma 112th Performance: Kenapa Leonardo

The 112th performance took place at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, from 11-25 January 2008. The script was translated from the work of Evald Flisar, titled “What About Leonardo?” The translated script is titled “Kenapa Leonardo” Total showtime is about 4 hours, with 15-20 minutes break.

The story goes around a neurology hospital, set at colonial era. Two doctors with different educational background argues around what to do to a patient, which suddenly able to learn about anything, but lose his feeling, emotion, and capability to choose. A choice between constructing a super perfect man, or try to restore his feeling and emotion, thus restore his humanity.

Dr Da Silva, a student who is after her PhD, seems at first successful in his attempt to construct a perfect person like Leonardo Da Vinci. Mr. Martin is at first transformed from sick person to super-human, capable of talking several different languages, memorizing the poem of Shakespeare, and mastering several other field of knowledge. However, unknown to Dr. Da Silva, the other patients taught Mr. Martin about love, bestowed by Dr. Hopman.

The project needs more funds, so the hospital organize a press conference to tell the world about their success in creating a super human, hoping to attract more investor. The press conference, however, went awry, and Dr. Da Silva blame the element of love taught without her approval. Frustrated for additional fund, and regardless the objection of Dr. Hopman, Dr. Da Silva insist on contacting Dr. Robert, who has close relationship with some wealthy politician, for additional funds.

Unknown to both doctors, Dr. Robert and his wealthy politician has another plan. They change the program to convert Mr. Martin into a heartless machine of war, trained in martial arts, to be a super perfect weapon who will do whatever they want without question or doubt. Dr. Da Silva is too late to realize this and regret her decision to contact Dr. Robert.

Back to the hospital, Dr. Da Silva decided to sacrifice herself, by having sex with Mr. Martin, hoping that love will restore humanity to Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin then went crazy, probably due to the training and the sex, killing Dr. Da Silva, Dr. Robert, and one of the patient, before finally regain his consciousness.

The play ends with Mr. Martin’s condition began to deteriorate, when he about to leave the hospital. Turns out to be that his consciousness doesn’t last long, and he back to his original condition.