The 100 km Month Project

The long 2 years project that I was working on is finally over on 30 June 2014. And with that, the long nights with pizza, burgers, and any junk food that provide delivery service that you can think of is also over. The junk food is doing a good job to increase my weight, and the long nights made me too tired to wake up and do morning run.

As July come, so does my Marathon this year. I’m going to participate in Penang Bridge Marathon on 16 November 2014, the world’s longest bridge marathon. My official Marathon training program will start on mid August. Preceding to the program, I need to build a base on my running. It is basically increasing the mileage of your run at easy pace, before starting the rigorous and killer tempo and interval training.

Overweight and Marathon. It is a good motivation to put up 100 km for the full month of July. Since I started running on 2001, I’ve never logged more than 90 km per month. My average weekly mileage is 20 km, which consist of 2 x 5 km on the weekdays plus 10 km weekend run. To complete 100 km in a month, I need to increase my weekly mileage to 25 km. Either I add another weekday run, or complete a longer weekend run.

And all the time, wishing that no long hour coming at the office, or weekend work that prevent me to run at the weekend.

But no time to think. The marathon is coming, and with it come the training. If I want to finish and enjoy the marathon, I need to train.

With a lot of wish, I welcome July, and the 100 km/month challenge

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