Traveling to the Next Level

At Pantai Lhok Nga, Aceh

We just returned from backpacking trip (2 of us, with 2 backpacks), to one of the most challenging part of Indonesia, with nobody we know, and most important, with no reservation (Except for the airlines ticket). We just returned from 6 days backpacking trip to the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

No reservation means that we have a super flexible itinerary. When we found a place we love, we stay longer. When we running out of interesting attraction in one place, we move to another place. When we found out of interesting place from the locals, we put it in our itinerary.

The locals are also great people who made our trip much more unforgettable. We know nobody in the city, and the lack of information forced us to make new friends. Those locals are very wonderful, and welcome for an evening chat in all coffee shops, which is available in every corner. We even think that, if we spend 3 days in a coffee shop, we will know all the latest gossips in the area :D.

Not only the locals are wonderful, but also fellow backpackers we met along the road. We met traveler from Czech Republic, Spain (who has been 5 months on the road), Germany, and many more, which we don’t have the time for a long chat. Together with the locals, we have a communal dinner in one of the restaurant.

So yes, we have gained another level in our traveling. We have gained new philosophy, new values that would add to our old values

  • Talk with people. Not all people are honest, but the risk is worth taking for the information you will gain. Seriously, the information they have and gratitude they give well worth the risk. Not to mention the experience of making new friends 😀
  • Have an open mind. No matter how good your plan are, reality does bite. We did end up in a hotel below our expectation, or public transport that is canceled, or overrated attraction. But with an open mind, and talking to locals and fellow traveler, you might get a better option. And that bad experience will make a good story to laugh at home 😀

So, where to go next?

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