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Bike 2 Work Emergency Kit

One night, tired after long day at the office, I’m on my bicycle for 5km back home. And suddenly halfway down, my left pedal gave way. It fall off from the hub. For 3 km, I only use my right pedal. Twenty minutes later, I arrived at home with a very sore right feet.

I consider myself lucky. It could be worse that a tire blew up. That will end up me pushing my bike to home. Or it can happen way further from home. Both scenario, if happen at night, will make my way home very miserable.

Learning from that lesson, I surf the net to build my ultimate bike survival kit. The one that is shown in the picture below is far from ideal. However, it has saved me from flat tire and other episodes of loose pedal.

Bike Tool Kit

From top left clockwise, here is my bike survival kit and the purpose of it:

  1. 15/16-Inch Combination Wrench. It is used to open my rear tire, which is not equipped with quick release yet.
  2. 15mm T-Wrench. It is for fastening loose pedal.
  3. Zefal Viteo Double Action Mini Bicycle Pump (Black). Used to pump air after fixing flat tire
  4. Tire Repair Patch Kit. It comes with 3 patch for small puncture, sandpaper for cleaning up puncture area, and tire release handle
  5. 26″ Inner Tube. It is just a regular inner tube that I bought for Rp. 50.000/$5 at local bike store.

There are still few thing missing here that I would like to add:

  1. Chain repair kit. Never know when the chain decide to give up

Anything else should I add? Or if you bike 2 work regularly, showcase your emergency kit in the comment below