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Stress, Emotion and Appetite

Many have been written about stress and appetite. When under stress more than the body can handle, bad things start to happen. One symptom is increasing appetite. If not managed well, the increased appetite can wreak havoc to the body, from high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increasing weight and many more.

I experience this prolonged stress first hand on the first 6 months of 2014. We were pushing to launch a new system, and could easily spending 10 hours at office everyday, weekend included. And sometimes, I even continue for 1-2 hours at home, trading a good night sleep with 2-3 glass of wine.

During this period, I can easily feel hungry every hour. I can finish whole pack of peanut (250gr), and the next hour, will crave for a bag of potato chips. We ordered pizza for dinner, and I can easily finish 4 big slices in one seating. If in another hour, we still have leftover, I will happily finish it.

The result is easy to guess. I wrote it in detail in this post about my health turnaround. Bottom line is, my already high cholesterol hit a new record, and my blood sugar which was normally OK, is now in borderline of diabetic. I gained close to 4kg in 6 months, quite modest, as I still try to put in running in between.

Once the prolonged stress end, so does my appetite. I found myself in generally manageable stress situation, which allows another realization to uncover: Excessive amount of emotion will also alter my appetite.

There are a lot of happy moments in the 2nd half of 2014. Few family holidays, finishing several half marathon, and a full marathon, birthdays, or just some minor celebration in the office. Each of this trigger a “happy” emotion. And at the same time, I feel that my appetite increase in each of this occasion.

It is true that, some of those occasions warrant a higher appetite. Finishing a Marathon, or even Half-Marathon, for example. In this case, the increased appetite will do no harm. But most of it doesn’t really warrant more appetite. Small celebration in office with Pizzas, for example. In normal situation, when someone ordered a Pizza, I won’t be interested. But, if it is related to a celebration, such as birthday, I can easily finish 2-3 slices.

What am I going to do then? Well, removing all of my emotion like the Vulcan do definitely is not an option, as I’m not a Vulcan. Removing myself from all of these celebration is also not an option. It will make life less colorful. So, here what I’m going to do: Never come to a celebration with empty stomach. Remember, the main objective is to celebrate, to to grab all the free food that is available. Always eat before a celebration, and eat well.
There are finite amount of food that the stomach can consume at one time. And if you do eat something before celebration, and a proper food, hopefully it will limit the food that you will eat during a celebration.

Good luck with managing the appetite…….

5 off-beat Things to do in Jakarta

Most people come to Jakarta as a gateway to visit other part of Indonesia, or for business. Beyond the airport and Jakarta’s skyscraper, here are 5 reasons why Jakarta might worth stay for few nights, or maybe for a weekend holiday.

Run the Sudirman-Thamrin Road

Pack your running shoes on your next trip, and get prepared to run at 12 lanes road at the heart of Jakarta’s Central Business District. Every Sunday morning from 6 am to 12 pm, 6 of the lane are closed for carbon fuel burning vehicle. This part of road becomes heaven from runners to cyclist.

Dubbed as car free day, the program is aimed to provide a place for the people, in the scarcity of open space in Jakarta. People jog, rent or bring their own bicycle with families and friends. This is really the perfect time to see Jakarta’s urban outside their business attire.

Island Holiday, the Local Way

Pulau Pramuka, the central administration district of Pulau Seribu, will offer you a unique way of island holiday close to Jakarta. It has a pristine beach qualified for Scuba Diving or snorkeling. It also has a turtle conservatory. And best of all, it is not packed by tourist!

The cheapest way is to take the public transport boat from Muara Karang Fish Market, a bit packed in between commuters for 2 hours trip to the island. Then explore the island by food, walking along the common housing in front of white sand beach. Or rent a boat for a snorkeling trip around the islands.

Relive the Colonial Time

Long before car and motorcycle roams Jakarta (then Batavia), people travel by horse and bicycle. It might be hard to find a horse in Jakarta nowadays, but fortunately, you can still relive that time by renting a bicycle, complete with the helmet

At Museum Fatahillah around 3 pm line up bicycle rental. It is not the modern bike, but we call it ”sepeda onthel”, a well preserved from Dutch time some 100 years ago, complete with the helmet. For a small fee, a guide will take you around the port of Sunda Kelapa, still sailed by Phinisi Boat from Kalimantan and Sulawesi, then to the lighthouse nearby. Don’t forget to pose as a Dutch’s Meneer for a photograph, to envy your friend back home.

Modern Art Performance

Teater Salihara, Taman Ismail Marzuki, and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta regularly host modern art performance in Jakarta. The art performance range from theater performance, poetry reading, or musical art

For schedule and booking, you can visit their website.

Taste the Rich Indonesian Food

From Sabang to Merauke, it will take a lot of time of traveling to taste the real Indonesian Ethnic food. Fortunately, as many people from across the country migrate to Jakarta, they bring with them their ethnic food recipe

These ethnic foods are available as the street food stall as well as in a restaurant in a shopping mall. For a start, try Seulawah (Jl. Bendungan Hilir No. 9, phone: 5708660), serving spicy Acehnese food, and Karebosi (Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok TA2/38, phone: 4520990), serving an ethnic ribs soup from South Sulawesi.

Have another bizarre things to do in Jakarta? We would like to hear your experience in the comments below

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