Tom Ford’s 15 Things Every Man Should Have

Tom Ford, a fashion designer and film producer, wrote 15 Things Every Man Should Have for Vogue’s 15th Anniversary. I’m not a regular reader of Vogue, nor the fashion type of man, but I think it is important for a man to be well-groomed, either for work or casual.

  1. To Laugh, basically sense of humor. My comment: Totally agree, although too much sense of humor at the wrong place and time will make a man look like a joker
  2. A daily read of newspaper. My comment: I have stopped reading newspaper regularly for years. Too much crap in it. I would replace this with daily podcast, which you can choose to improve yourself.
  3. A sport that you love and good at. My comment: Agree. Some sport, such as soccer or basketball, enhance your manhood image, even if you aren’t particularly good at.
  4. Tweezers. My comment: I don’t know why a man need this. To be a gentleman to help a lady?
  5. A good cologne that become his signature. My comment: Well, while agree to it, this is something that I can’t work out. I simply dislike cologne
  6. A well cut dark shirt. My comment: Out of the list, this is what I agree most. It is important to look smart and sharp, and dark suit is all around multipurpose swiss knife for a man to look smart and sharp.
  7. A classic of black lace up shoes. My comment: This is to complement your dark suit, so agree. Make sure it is well polished. Maybe next time I need to buy a lace up shoes.
  8. A smart blazer. My comment: Optional. I prefer dark suit.
  9. A perfect pair of dark denim jeans. My comment: Agree. This is for all round non-business setting, or casual setting
  10. A lot of crisp white cotton shirts. My comment: Agree. Crisp white cotton shirt give a clean look, which complement smart and sharp look.
  11. Good underwear. My comment: Especially socks, I agree. You never know when you need to take off your shoes or pants, and don’t want to show up with a hole in your socks or underwear.
  12. A classic tuxedo. My comment: Optional. I prefer dark shirt
  13. A beautiful dark watch with metal band. My comment: Agree. Again, metal watch complement your sharp look. And throw away that smart watch please.
  14. The perfect sunglasses. My comment: Agree. Of if you wear glasses, get a perfect nice looking glasses
  15. Perfect teeth. My comment: Well, ideally yes. But not everyone is lucky enough. So, if you still have good teeth, try to keep it.

Few things that I would add in the list, probably to replace the optional stuff:

  1. A nice wallet. It is always nice to pull out a nice wallet in front of other people
  2. Dark colored belt. How come this important fashion stuff miss the list?
  3. A smartphone. iPhone definitely the best, but not the only one. Try to get one with glass or metal cover, not plastic that look cheap.
  4. Dark colored work bag. Leather would be good, although not necessary.

2 thoughts on “Tom Ford’s 15 Things Every Man Should Have”

  1. Posts like this are great– they rope me into reading them every time. I think most people enjoy reading the opinions and thoughts of others, especially when the opinions/thoughts aren’t too controversial.

    My main comment is that, for this lady, #1 is the most important. I can’t imagine spending much time with someone who doesn’t like to laugh. After 26 years of marriage, my husband’s sense of humor is still one of the things about him I find most attractive!

    1. 26 years??? I’m way behind you, 5 years in the bag now….

      I’ll take note about this and will keep my humor skill honed…

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