Making Use of Small Patio at Home

What else can be better to use a small patio on 2nd floor of my home, than planting green vegetables to be consumed? The widespread of Hydroponic Farming made it possible to grow your own vegetables, even in a space as small as 1×0.8 meters

Harvest Time

While by definition it is not an organic vegetables, due to artificial chemical plant nutrition, it is guaranteed to free from pesticides. Besides, the vegetables has complete nutrition, which results in more nutrition for our body compared to soil-grown plant. Especially in light of depleting soil nutrition.

Aiming to be even more greener to the environment, I’m using a green power source instead of main electricity. The pump to circulate the liquid plant nutrition runs on Solar Power. The whole system is even designed to run during the day, eliminating the need of battery to further eliminate chemical waste.

Solar Panel Pump

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Photo Post: Serenity

Serenity: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

It is not easy to find Serenity in the crowded, fast paced, and polluted city such as Jakarta. But if you are lucky enough to stay in the suburb that surround Jakarta, wake up early enough before dawn and walk outside in the morning, there are still places that are calm and peaceful.

Feels Like Bali

Naturally, I feel calm and peaceful each time I’m going for a run. All the trouble in the world are, for the moment I’m on the run, put aside, replaced by intense focus on finishing the run.

But, when passing through an undeveloped piece of road leading to a housing complex, my focus shift from finishing the run to the scenery. To the morning sun ray passing through the leaves. To the morning mist that recede to give way to daylight.

This is the place and time where I find my serenity.

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